USMRA Directory

Incoming Board of Directors for 2020 includes
Secretary Angie Leonberger
President David Broderick
Treasurer Maureen Haggerty
Director at Large Michon Mills

  Don Lee, email (210) 262-0360

Vice President
  Paul Anthony, email (724) 544-8135

  Angie Leonberger, email (708) 917-7135

  Angie Leonberger, email (708) 917-7135
temporary, awaiting appointment

Director at Large
  Karen Shivers, email (903) 491-6572

Director at Large
  Francois Massart, email (951) 772-1517

Director at Large
  Heather Ratynski, email (303) 324-4759

AWDF Representative
  Don Lee (210) 262-0360 email
Judges Committee
Ann Putegnat, Chairperson

Donald Lee
Aida Flick
Todd Dunlap
Dave Kroyer

Decoy Committee
Carlos Aguirre, Chairperson

Jake Schneider
Allison Seghetti
Kevin Bain
John Lugo

Board of Inquiry
Mary Granda, Chairperson

Brian Reynolds
Angela Smith
Ray Turnbow

Membership Committee
Karen Shivers, Chairperson

Brad Harding
Ala Arends
Victor Borras
Greg Cantwell

Auditing Committee
Donna Wolf, Chairperson

Lynn Fitzgerald

International Committee
George Manley, Chairperson

Chad Byerly
Maggie Klein
Michon Mills

Nationals Committee
Jake Scott, Chairperson

David Broderick
Sara Brueske
Anneliese Johnson
Mahogany Gamble

Election Committee
Angela Smith, Chairperson

Lisa Griess
Elaine Flowers
Ben Stofel

FCI Committee
Michon Mills, Chairperson

Donald Lee
Aida Flick
David Broderick

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