USMRA Elections

The nomination process has ended. Here is the slate of candidates. Click on each candidate’s name to read their bio.

Candidates for the position of Vice President

My name is Paul V Anthony. I have accepted the nomination of Vice President. I have been involved with dogs for over 30 years. I currently own Anthony’s Balanced Canine and I am a member of Steel City Working Dog. I have been training in Mondioring for over 9 years. I have competed 3 times at the USMRA Nationals and 3 times at the World’s most recently placing 3rd in Russia with my dog Finnegan Des Ombres Valeureux who is 16 X Ring 3. I also am currently competing at Level 2 with D’Sonoffinn.
I believe with my experience and by traveling accross the United States to other clubs has helped me understand more of what members want and need in the USMRA.
Thank you all for your consideration as your Vice President.

I’ve been a USMRA member in good standing for over 10 years. I have actively participated in competition as a decoy, competitor, and trial host. I have seen ups and downs within the organization over the years, but my love for the sport of Mondioring has remained steady throughout all of the changes.

I am passionate about Mondioring. It’s exciting, challenging, and fulfilling. Participation in this sport is my primary hobby. I have spent a great deal of time learning to be an effective training decoy as well as a safe and consistent trial decoy. I have happily supported and given time to many people considering or getting started in Mondioring, just as I have appreciated those who supported and gave time to me. Contributing further to the maintenance and growth of the sport via Board service would be an honor.

I am a naturally sociable person, and get along well with others. I enjoy and cherish my positive relationships with USMRA members, and am grateful for the many friends I have made on this journey. I am also sensible and thick-skinned. I understand that Board membership can bring with it some degree of personal animus and strife. I believe I will be able to step outside of the personal drama and align myself solely with the needs and goals of this organization.

Thank you for your consideration, and thank you for your participation in USMRA.


-Have been President of the following organizations:
Texas K9, United Nosework, South Jersey KC, National Association of Dog Obedience
United Shetland Sheepdog Association.

-Been involved in Mondioring since 2007. Formed Texas K9 in 2013 and have been hosting trials since 2015.

-On the current Board of Directors and Chair of the Membership committee.

-Rewrote the Mondrioring Obedience Only rules and regulations to open the sport up to a larger audience. I have an extensive background in dog training and exhibiting in several disciplines including ringsport, detection work, tracking, apprehension, obedience, rally, dock diving, agility, weight pull, herding, conformation, and nosework. I am extremely passionate about this sport will continue to do my best for the advancement of Mondioring.

Karen A. Shivers

Candidates for the position of Treasurer

My name is Jake Scott and I am a nominee for the open board position of Treasurer. I have volunteered on the USMRA National Committee for the past 2 years and am currently the committee chair. I am a USMRA lvl3 decoy having represented the USA at the International Decoy Super Selection at the FCI Mondioring World Championship in Moscow, Russia finishing in 9th place and earning a TB (very good) rating. I currently compete with my 2 Belgian Malinois in levels MR2 and MR3. I have immersed myself into this community and sport over these past 3 years having provided dogs for decoy selections, flown to other states solely to provide DIW for trials, and have stepped onto the trial field a total of 29 times to date between the entire Mondioring program to include sociability tests, obj 1/2/3, MR1, MR2 and French Ring CSAU, brevet, and FR1. In the past 11 months I have certified at levels 1, 2, and 3 as a USMRA decoy and have decoyed 11 trials to date, in addition I attended the one and only USMRA decoy clinic this year and was the only USMRA decoy who participated in this continued education opportunity. I am currently working to complete the requirements for admission to the USMRA Judge’s program. Over the course of my involvement in this sport I have been fortunate enough to travel coast to coast competing, decoying, and meeting many of the hardworking clubs, handlers, and dogs that comprise this organization. I look forward to serving on the board of directors to try and represent the membership to the best of my ability and to work towards the improvement of our organization as a whole.

Qualifications for Treasurer:

Human Resource Director
• For all four bank branches did the hiring and payroll.
• For all Departments Developed New Hire Training classes.
• Developed Excellence in Sales training course
• Handle all insurance, Health, Dental, Life and 401K
• Revised and implemented policies.

• Handle accounts receivables for six different companies.
• Handles accounts payables for six different companies.
• Payroll for all 6 companies
• Profit and Loss statements for all 6 companies on a weekly basis
• Inventory for four companies.

• Received company’s highest sales award four years in a row.
• Worked in every area of a bank from new accounts to being a teller.
• Re did the entire loan filing system.
• In house auditor

Interests: Mondioring obedience program, A.P.A. Board for 5 years, President for 1 year, Crockett Parent Associate Vice President and President for 2 years, Board Member of Breakfast Optimist Club, Red River Valley Fair Association, Citizen on Patrol, Crime Stoppers, and volunteering whenever I can.

Candidates for the position(s) of Director at Large

I am a relatively new addition to the sport of mondioring, however I have been competing in dog sports since I was eleven years old. Having been active in various sports, including occupying board positions, I have a unique perspective that could be beneficial to USMRA. I am currently training two malinois for the sport of mondioring.

Mr. Dan Granda is USMRA member #851. Mr. Granda is an engineer with experience in project management, dealing with clients, quality assurance and quality controls in diverse engineering projects which are assets useful to any organization. His education may have focused on engineering, but it is his meticulous attention to details that set him apart from his peers in his career and dog sport life.

In 2016 Dan became interested in Mondioring through his wife, Mary, who was a member of Black Diamond Working Dog Club. After attending and watching a couple of months of club training sessions, Dan purchased his first Seynaeve bite suit and began learning decoy work. Since then, Dan has attended seminars from some of the best Ringsport trainers and decoys, such as Kevin Bain, Joaquim Dovat, Todd Dunlop, John Lugo, Oscar Mora, and Fabrice Basnier. In the spring of 2018 he attended a week-long decoy camp with Level 3 decoy Kevin Bain, who continues to serve as his mentor.

Dan’s interest in Mondioring continues to grow daily, and he is currently forming his own club with local trainers. Dan would be honored to have the opportunity to put his professional portfolio and experience to use for the USMRA as an elected Director at Large, in the hopes of continuing to grow this organization in a positive and fun direction.

Daniel Granda
Civil Engineer, M.Sc., P.E.
Geological Engineer, M.Eng.

Through my years as both a trainer, handler, and decoy I am honored at the nomination for Director at Large. I have had the opportunity to offer 12 years’ experience working directly with Fédération Cynelogique Internationale – Mondio Ring Organization. [101 trials as a decoy; 55 trials as a handler] Recently, I was appointed as Team Leader to the USA Team for World’s in Russia. Helping the competitors prepare as well as supplying the necessary training opportunities prior to competition that aided in such a successful showing. Additionally, I was honored to have placed in the International Decoy selection as the first USA Decoy invited to partake in a World Championships (previously representative of France). As a result of my involvement in all venues of the sport (decoy, handler, and trainer) I do deem that is a necessary attribute to enable one to constructively aid the organization and all its members. Additionally, I have maintained excellent international relations including countries from diverse socioeconomic, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds. Also, to effectively aid the organization towards successful relationships with both its members and other organizations. Most importantly, to share in creating key relationships between the United States Mondioring Association (“USMRA”) and fellow competing countries [E.g. Belgium, France, Denmark, Greece, Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Poland, and Sweden]. Through such experience I am able to proactively aid the organization to further grow and excel in the sport.

Heather has an extensive background in nonprofit management, development and fundraising, special events planning and marketing. She has also worked as a Hospital Administrator for a large veterinary practice in Denver, CO. Since 2012 she has worked for an employee-owned pet food and supplies company with over 40 stores in 4 states where she serves as marketing and community relations lead for the Colorado market.

Heather’s nonprofit experience includes working in development and fundraising at Outward Bound and 6 years as co-director at the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine Foundation. Her duties there included serving as liaison to the Board of Directors, overseeing the Scientific Review Committee, as well as a variety of tasks from marketing to special event planning.

Heather co-founded Rocky Mountain DockDogs in 2008 and served as President for nearly 6 years. Her duties included overseeing the budget, securing venues for events, acting as liaison for such venues, as well as working with committee chairs. During her time in RMDD, she received several awards at a national level, including Sportsperson of the Year. Heather also served on the board of North American Dutch Shepherd Rescue (NADSR) for five years. Heather has been involved in Mondioring for approximately 6 years. At one time she was training 3 dogs simultaneously, and has competed in several trials including the 2018 National Championship.

In her spare time, Heather enjoys photography, travel, running and hiking, and spending time with her husband and 7 Dutch shepherds.

Paul Salveson’s qualifications for the position of Director at Large consist of experience being a foreman leading crews of laborers and serving as a captain and leader of his soccer and hockey teams. Paul also served as the President of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s hockey club for two years. Paul is a practical and driven individual who works well on teams. He has exceptional computer skills and people skills and is well-liked in his community.

Paul has been involved with dog sports full throttle for the last 18 months and is a certified helper in IPO. He also trains his own Malinois mix, Bane, in the sport of IPO. In this time he also became interested in Mondioring, in particular the decoy work. He purchased his own semi-comp bite suit and has been learning the art of bite work at seminars from trainers such as Kevin Bain, Todd Dunlop, John Lugo, Fabrice Basnier, Fabian Robinson and Nate Harves. Paul has also attended multi-week seminars and decoy camps with Kevin Bain and Nate Harves, who still serve as informal mentors to his training. Paul is a member of Black Diamond Working Dog Club and is currently forming his own dog sport club with other local Mondioring trainers, to be called Rocky Mountain All-Sports K9.

Dog sports have become Paul’s top priority in life and his goal is to one day become a world class decoy, helper and trainer. As far as USMRA, Paul wishes to continue to grow the organization by garnering more community interest while preserving the spirit of the sport.

I am extremely passionate about the sport of Mondioring, and want to see the sport grow as a hole. This is my first dog sport to be involved in, and over the last 2 years I have mentored under some great people. During that time I have trained, and titled in the MR1 ring, and currently pursuing our MR2. I have also been training to become a USMRA certified decoy for that last year. I hope to achieve this goal very soon. My passion and eagerness to grow this sport in a positive light is what I consider my strongest qualification for this position.
          I have also been a part of starting a successful organization, Lamar County Bee Keeping Association. I was a founding member, and served on the BOD. I have a good understanding of making decisions based on the greater good of the organization, and feel like my experience can be put to good use with USMRA. I have been self employed, and ran a successful business for the last 5 years, and feel like this is a great asset that will allow me the time to devote myself to the position. I am an active member in my club, and take on work where it is needed. No job to big or small, and feel that my work hard attitude can be put to great use for this sport.

I plan to help the BOD be non biased and serve the membership as a whole I have served on several committees including the Education committee the Code of conduct committee and Nationals committee I am a level 3 international super selection decoy and was on the world team in 2017 we need to serve the entire membership not just the elite. the members who will never get past a Bravet level are just as important as the world team they make this all possible the decoys who will never get past a club level are just as important as the level 3s and should be respected same as the judges with out them there is no sport. there has been an elite clique in control the nepotism has poisoned USMRA and we intend to take the power back and give it to the people

Hello all,

My name is Ray Turnbow and I am excited to have the opportunity to work towards the USMRA role of director at large. I have 5 years experience in the working dog world and 3 years of actively training in mondioring here in TX as a member of LSMRC.

I’m not the most experienced, but I have been lucky enough to learn from great people around me. I have 3 dogs actively training for mondioring. My oldest has her brevet and one leg of her mr1. I have only trialed twice so far but I will continue working towards more upcoming trials with all three of my dogs.

I train every day, and I am very passionate about mondioring and working dogs. Please allow me the opportunity to improve our sport by fulfilling the role of director at large.

Thank you for your time!