hurdle-diagramhurdleThe hurdle is made of a moveable panel, 1.5 m wide and 60 cm high, equipped with pivots welded to the supports.

The panel is topped with a turnstile of the same width and 30cm in height. It must fall at the slightest impact and present no danger whatsoever to the dog. It must be adjustable to the required height. There will be no ditch in front of, or behind, the hurdle.


The palisade is made of a fully attached panel at the bottom, up to 1 m in height; then a stack of rough boards 10 cm in height and 27 – 30 mm in thickness, unfinished. The palisade may be 1.5 m – 1.9 m in width.

To allow the dog to jump down, it has an incline fixed to the posts at 1.7 m high, and on the ground about 1.2 m from the wall. Slats are placed every 30 cm to break the dog’s descent. The incline also supports the palisade. In order to move it easily, the palisade is mounted on beams, in the form of a reverse T. It does not have a reverse jump, so there is no fence behind it.

Long Jump

longjump-diagramlongjumpThis exercise does not involve a ditch. It is made up of a frame of 3 planks. The first is 2 m long and 10 cm high, placed in the front, connected with two boards on the sides, each 3 m long and 10 cm high in front, and 20 cm high at the other end and fastened to the ground with a metallic square, to prevent it from swaying. This frame has colored elastic bands, which are fastened to the side boards every 30 cm along the length of the sides. Without going into the frame, the dog shall jump over a moveable longjump seesaw ‘key’, 1.95 m long and 1 m wide at the center, which can move up or down in the frame without touching the sides.

Jumps of 3 m to 3.5 m can be obtained. To create a jump of 4 m, simply detach the key from the frame. The key must be constructed so that when the low side touches the ground, the high side is 30 cm from the ground. A dog that steps within the frame is penalized 4 points, plus the loss of an attempt equivalent to a refusal. It must then restart the jump.


The Baton must be made of bamboo split in quarters. 60 to 80 cm. in length cut in a cross, 3/4 of the way down length wise. It should not open like a fan during the barrage. It will have a diameter between 2 to 3 cm.


The blanks must be 9mm or 6mm double charged.

The Obstacle

Obstacles must not be more than 80 cm wide, except for water obstacles, or flat obstacles that have a maximum of 25 cm in height. The tires, hay bales, and the netting must not exceed 80 cm in height. The length of the obstacles will be 8 to 10 m and must permit the Judges to evaluate the attitude of the dog as it approaches the attack. No obstacle must injure the dog or do it any harm. In the spirit of this exercise, the obstacle is meant to slow the dog down in order to judge his courage in the face of an accessory or baton, and it should never present any danger.

Food (For Refusal)

Food must be varied and of a reasonable size (maximum of fist-size). It will consist of raw or cooked meat, bone, fish head, cheese, dried cake, sugar, etc.

Retrieval Items

The dog must be able to hold it in his mouth, and the maximum weight is 1 kg. All glass or metal objects are forbidden.

Little Wood

The object must be a small, unused piece of wood, numbered, 15 cm long and 2 cm in diameter.