The Horn: 2013-2014

Mondio ‘Preschool’ – Deb Hawkins
First Trials & Making Mondio Money – Sharon Novak
Featured Club: West Penn Mondioring Club – Gail Marit
World Championship & Nationals Reports
Tips from Old Timers


The Horn: 2012

Crossing Over To Mondioring – Daniela Bedenice
US National Championship – Aida Flick
Featured Club: Endeavor Working Dog Club – Terry Miller
From the Judge’s Corner – Keith Jobe
So You Want To Host a Mondioring Trial? – Ann Putegnat


The Horn: 2010

USMRA Celebrates 10 Years of Trials/2010 Nationals
Conversations With Jos Helsen
European Mondioring Decoy Adventure – David Bilik
The Evolution of the Mondioring Decoy – Francis Metcalf
Lisa Geller, Sandrine Clark, Terril Isbell, Cindy Rhodes, Kathy O’Brien


The Horn: 2009

Donna Matey, Terry Miller, Jeremy Norton on USA Nationals
Julian Selz on 2009 FMBB
Tim Bartlett on FMBB & Decoy Super Selection
Lisa Geller 2008 Mondioring World Championship
Getting Over: Handling the Jumps


The Horn: 2007

International Championship
USMRA Purpose
USMRA Committees
Members’ Notice
Election Results


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