Country: USA

Allison Seghetti

Allison is the first female certified mondioring decoy in the United States under the current USMRA certification program. She is the only woman to decoy in a mondioring trial in the United States to date. She is a full time attorney, competitive Crossfit athlete and mondioring competitor and decoy.

Ryan Maciej

I first started decoying while at The Michael Ellis School in 2015. I’ve had the opportunity to learn from a number of extremely talented decoys and trainers who have fostered my work to being a safe, challenging and appropriate decoy. I’m currently certified as both a Mondioring and French Ringsport Level 1 decoy.

Jake Scott

I am a trainer, handler, and decoy for the sport of Mondioring. I currently compete with two Belgian Malinois, Tye & Pajr in levels 3 and 2 respectively as a member of West Penn Mondioring Club. I have been a USMRA Certified decoy since October 29, 2017 completing my levels 1, 2, and 3 certifications. …

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Miles Narnor

Provides strong level appropriate work. “As the decoys progress and evolve, the training progresses and evolves, and the sport progresses.”

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