Jake Schneider

Pine City, MN
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My name is Jake Schneider and decoying has become a passion of mine. I got my start decoying back in March of 2009. I didn’t think I had what it took to be a Level 1 decoy but after a lot of encouragement from my club member I decided to take the test and Passed with a 95% on the physical test.

Dog obedience training is a passion of mine. I started AllBreed North Dog Training and Handling back in 2008 with my wife Jenny. We cover obedience training as well as Conformation training and handling and Boarding. But Mondio has showed me a whole new side of training that I never saw before.

1. What club do you belong to? Rogue Ringsport

2. When were you certified? October 23 rd 2010

3. What does Mondio mean to you? Mondio to me is another fun activity that people can do with there dogs. There is nothing better then seeing a dog doing its job.

4. What inspired you to become a decoy? My club. They pushed me to be better and I wanted to help us grow as a club.

5. What is the most important thing to you about decoying? Well the obvious answer is safety for the dog, decoy and handler. Also I think that it’s important to have fun. Whether you are trialing a dog or decoying you need to have fun.

6. With one word describe yourself as a decoy: Committed

7. Where did you start decoying? I started with Lisa Geller in her barn in March when it was about -10 degrees out. My first catch of a dog was Mongoose over some barrels. After that I was hooked.

8. Who got you into Mondio? Lisa Geller

9. How can you describe your decoying? I like to think of myself as a fit fat person. I’m not in the best shape. I don’t run 4 miles a day. What I lack in speed I make up for in manipulation of my body.

10. Are you the training decoy for your club? We have 3 certified decoys in our club along with a bunch of people that put suits on that are not certified yet. I do a lot of the training but our other decoys are just as important.

11. What other interests do you have? I have a ton of interests. I love training dogs but I also love the outdoors. I love hunting. Archery is a large passion of mine. I also play on a men’s Softball team and I play Basketball in the winter.

Mondio ring has been such a great part of my life. I train two to three times a week and love ALMOST every minute of it. ;-). Mondio inspired me to get my own puppy and train him for the sport. My Belgian Malinois Cato became the youngest dog to get both legs of his Level 1 at only 13 months old. This sport has opened my eyes to a whole new world of dog training and I am so thankful to be in it.

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