Absence of Handler

Level   I: 10
Level  II: 10
Level III: 10


  Any irregular or disallowed command
-10 -10 -10

  Handler shows himself during the exercise
-10 -10 -10

Dog moves without changing position (penalty per meter)
-1 -1 -1

Dog changes position when the handler returns
-2 -2 -2

  Dog changes position during the 1 min. absence.
-10 -10 -10

  Dog changes positions when handler is going to the blind.
-10 -10 -10

  Handler looks back towards the dog while he walks to or enters the blind.
-10 -10 -10


The dog will be placed on the ground or on a stable and fixed surface big enough for the dog at a spot indicated by the Judge, in a “down” position for Level I and II. In Level III the position (sit or down) can (optional) be determined by a drawing. The Judge may change the position during the competition according to the condition of the field and the weather.
This exercise will last 1 minute, which starts when the handler enters the designated blind. The handler must not look back when he leaves his dog on the way to the blind, nor when entering the blind.
During the Absence of the Handler, a distraction occurs (sudden noises are allowed), to which the dog must remain indifferent, without moving or changing position. The diversion will depend on the level. It must never take the form of aggression or provocation. Interference from the Decoy is forbidden. The distance from the distraction to the dog shall be at least 10 m in Level I and II and 5 m away from the dog in Level III.

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