Flee Attack

Level   I: 50
Level  II: 30
Level III: 30

Breakdown of points

Level I II & III
Start 10 points 10 points
Attack 30 points 10 points
End & Recall 10 points 10 points


Starting before the Judge’s signal (plus –5 for G.A.)
-10 -10 -10

  Second offense of start before Judge’s signal
-50 -30 -30

Starting after the Judge’s signal before command.
-5 -5 -5

Additional commands to attack (only 1 allowed) : if dog leaves at first command, no additional commands are allowed
-10 -10 -10

  Any irregular behaviour before or during the exercise
-50 -30 -30

Per second not biting
-3 -1 -1

Per rapid change in bite
-1 -1 -1

Per second biting after out command (1 second allowance)
-2 -2 -2

Additional bite after end of exercise
-2 -2 -2

Additional recall command (only one is allowed)
-5 -5 -5

Not biting at the time of recall (plus per second not biting)
-5 -5 -5

Failure to return within 30 seconds
-10 -10 -10

Any irregular behaviour after end of exercise
-10 -10 -10

  Dog does not attack or does not bite
(the dog cannot execute a Stopped Attack
or will lose the points gained in that attack if already executed)
-50 -30 -30

Handler leaves starting line during the exercise (a lateral movement behind the line is allowed if needed to see his dog, but he must remain motionless after the out command)
-50 -30 -30

  Handler uses the course for training.
-50 -30 -30

Dog creeps forward at the start line -1 per meter
-1 -1 -1

Dog stops biting at the judge’s horn and returns to handler
-5 -5 -5


Distance: 30 – 40 m
Duration: 10 seconds


For reasons of fairness, it is mandatory that the two Flee Attacks be done in the same way, by the same decoy. The decoy must have the same attitude for all Flee Attacks.
– The decoy will start at 10 m from the departure line. The Judge will sound the horn to start the exercise so no time is lost.
– Ideally, engagement is between 30-40 meters.
– Decoy must accelerate when dog is within 10 m and keep this pace until impact.
– The Decoy will escape without looking back or trying to avoid. He will be armed with a revolver and will fire two shots while the dog is biting.
– He will defend himself vigorously, but not brutally, to test the dog’s bite.
– When the handler gives the end of exercise command, the Decoy will immediately remain totally motionless.

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