Heeling Without Leash

Level   I: 6
Level  II: 6
Level III: 6


Dog forges, lags, or goes wide (whether in a straight line or on an angle, at a halt, or during an about-turn) (per mistake)
-0.5 -0.5 -0.5

  Dog abandons or does not follow the handler
-6 -6 -6

Handler makes minor error in the pattern

  Handler makes a mistakes that avoids a difficulty
-6 -6 -6

Dog/handler starts the exercise (at the correct start) before Judge’s signal
-4 -4 -4

   Extra command after the start by voice/gesture – all points are lost
-6 -6 -6


The handler will follow from memory a pattern (the pattern must be simple) indicated by the Judge or Deputy Judge during the Dog in White, with 3 changes of direction, a right angle or acute angle turn, an about turn, and two stops. Any position may be taken at the stops. These changes and stops will be done at the Judge’s signal. If the handler does not execute the pattern, there is an error on the exercise, which will be penalized in General Attitude. If the handler makes a mistake that avoids a difficulty, the handler will lose all the points. The handler should not be given anything to hold in their hands during the heeling.

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