Level   I: 15
Level  II: 20
Level III: 20

Regulation heights and points

Height(m) 1.0 1.1 1.2
Level I 15
Level II 16 20
Level III 12 16 20

In Level I, only one height: 1 m = 15 points (7.5 + 7.5)


Any irregular command results in a penalty to the corresponding points.

Position command by both voice and gesture, after forward jump
-2 -2 -2

The dog does not return to heel within 10 s.
-2 -2 -2

Start before signal (plus loss of 1 attempt)
-4 -4 -4

Start after signal but before command.
-2 -2 -2

Command by voice and gesture
-2 -2 -2

Refusal or going around, forward or return jump
-4 -4 -4

Knocking down the boards, forward or return jump
-2 -2 -2

Missing (attempt failed) forward or back
-2 -2 -2

Failure to take position behind the obstacle (if command is given)
-2 -2 -2

Any additional command for position, placement, recall
-2 -2 -2

Any additional send command
-5 -5 -5

Dog touches the hurdle, forward or return
-1 -1 -1

If the dog pushes the hurdle and it does not fall, each time
-2 -2 -2


The hurdle is made of a moveable panel, 1.5 m wide and 60 cm high, equipped with pivots welded to the supports. The panel is topped with a turnstile of the same width and 30 cm in height. It must fall at the slightest impact and present no danger whatsoever to the dog. It must be adjustable to the required height. There will be no ditch in front of, or behind, the hurdle.


– As soon as the dog clears the jump, the handler may give only one command to keep the dogin the specified position upon landing. If the command is given by voice and gesture, there will be a 2 point penalty.

-At the Judge’s signal authorizing a return jump, the handler may give only one command for this, though it may be given by voice or gesture. All additional commands for the position or to keep position will be penalized.

-After the return jump, the dog must return to heel within 10s. The handler may give one single command (optional) to call the dog to heel.

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