Level   I: 10
Level  II: 20
Level III: 20
Points awarded MR1 MR2&3
for the 3 (3 x 3) or 6 (3 x 6) changes of position 9 points 18 points
for the command “heel” at the end of the exercise 1 point 2 points

A dog in Level III
– Sit, Down, Stand good = 9– 1 m advanced = 8
– Down good, then return to heel = 3
– Point total = 11


Dog changes from the initial position
-2 -2 -2

Handler does not sit dog first and/or who disrespects judges signal
-1 GA -1 GA -1 GA

Dog does not execute the position indicated
-3 -3 -3

Dog moves towards the handler, each meter
-1 -1 -1

Dog returns to the handler before the end of the exercise; it loses the points for recall, but keeps the points awarded for the changes of positions.(deduction made by the distance advanced from the point of positions)
-1 -2 -2

Dog rotates on itself during positions

Dog moves forward ½ meter (exercise is not perfect)
-0.5 -GA -0.5 -GA -0.5 -GA

Dog moves forward ½ meter and then returns to its place


The exercise will take place with the dog on the ground. The dog and the handler must be able to see each other from a distance of 5, 10 and 15m, depending on the level. It is permitted to call the dog by name before giving the positioning command, but it must be spoken only once along with the command and without pause.If not, it is a double command). The judge must distinguish between moving forward during positions (-1 per meter), and an early return to heel sanctioned by all points remaining in the exercise.

For each position, the handler is entitled to 2 additional commands. If the dog has not executed the position after the 2 additional commands, the exercise is ended and all points already awarded are kept. Also for the initial position, if the dog changes it, handler must re-command the dog (2 extra commands allowed).

The dog that anticipates the position, at one position at least (that which it has just left), may eventually lose another one, if it takes the following position. To avoid a situation where the dog obeys the Deputy Judge’s signal, we propose a “triangle” system of signals (the dog faces away from the Judges and each of the three positions are illustrated on a moveable three sided board.
It is stated that as long as the deputy judge or the judge did not indicate the next position, the dog must maintain its position. If he leaves, the handler must re-commend. If the next position is indicated and the dog is moving taking the following position (indicated) before command, he loses this position because it is too early.


The handler positions himself with his dog sitting at the line of departure. He commands the initial position upon the Judge’s signal, and then leaves his dog after a stay command. Not respecting the judge’s signal (-1GA).
– The handler must always be able to see his dog during the execution of the exercise.
– At the start, the dog will be placed in a stand, sit or down, at the direction of the Judge.
– In Level I each position is taken once. In Level II and III each position will be taken twice, at the signal given by the Deputy Judge.
No diversion is allowed during this exercise.

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