Retrieve of a Thrown Object

Level   I: 12
Level  II: 12
Level III: 12


  Extra or irregular command
-12 -12 -12

Command given by voice and gesture
-2 -2 -2

  Object is not retrieved within 15 sec
-12 -12 -12

Dog starts before the Judge’s signal
-4 -4 -4

Dog starts after the Judge’s signal but before command
-2 -2 -2

Dog plays with or chews the object
-1 -1 -1

Dog drops the object while he returns to the handler, each time
-1 -1 -1

Object is returned but the dog is not in sitting position when the handler takes the object.
-1 -1 -1

Dog drops the object at the handler’s feet and handler has to pick it up
-2 & -1 GA -2 & -1 GA -2 & -1 GA

  Handler moves as dog returns
-12 -12 -12

  Handler has to move his/her feet to get the object
-12 -12 -12


The time allowed for the Retrieve of the Object is 15 seconds. The object will be chosen by a drawing or chosen by the judge prior to the start of the trial from a list given to the Judge (dumbbell, ninepin, cylinder, plastic bottle, solid bottles if they contain water are ok, small bag, stroller wheel, etc.). The dog must be able to hold it in his mouth, and the maximum weight is 1 kg. All glass or metal objects are forbidden. No other object can be within 5 m because it would turn the exercise into an identification one; also no food nearby. The handler cannot move his feet as long as he/she does not have the object in their hands. The rules say one object yet a pair of shoes tied together is OK as long as it is reasonable. The dog has three changes to hold the object in the mouth before chewing points are deducted.


– On the Judge’s signal, the object must be thrown at least 5 m.
– After the Judge’s signal, the handler may command the dog to retrieve the object. Only one retrieve command is allowed.
– The handler will wait for the horn at the end of the exercise before leaving his place.
– A brief command to ask the dog to release the object is allowed – e.g. ‘give’.
– If the handler moves after dog leaves to retrieve: no penalty.
– If the handler moves as dog returns: will be considered as an extra command (-12p).
– The handler will wait for the horn at the end of the exercise before leaving his place.

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