Stopped Flee Attack

Level III: 30

Breakdown of points
Start: 10 points
Attack: 20 points
The stopped attack will be judged on one-third of the biting points earned in the other face attacks
(base total: 30 + 30 = 60 + starting points, see examples in the International Rules).


Starting before the Judge’s signal (plus –5 for G.A.)

  Second offense of start before Judge’s signal

Starting after the Judge’s signal before command.

  Dog bites

Recall at 3 m from the decoy (no deduction)

Per additional meter

Additional recall command (only one allowed)
-if the dog returns within a radius of 3 m of the handler.

Additional recall command (only one allowed)
-if the dog returns outside of a 3 m radius (additional recall is not allowed, he retains 10 points from the start)


Distance: 30 – 40 m
Each handler will draw by lots, for his own dog, the order of the 2 flee attacks. The order will be known only by the Judge. The judge must indicate on the scoresheet the order of the Stopped Attack before the competitor begins the exercise. If two judges are officiating, they must be informed of the draw. The Decoy will not know if it is a stopped attack. If the dog does not bite on any of the other attacks, the Stopped Attack will not be executed. If the Stopped Attack has already been executed, the points earned will be revoked.


If the exercise is a Stopped Attack, at the Judge’s signal, the official in charge of the food, raises a red flag after the dog has started. In a biting attack the official raises a green flag. The Deputy Judge immediately touches the handler’s shoulder who commands his dog not to bite. The Decoy will continue to escape after the recall command; neither changing his pace, nor provoking the dog, nor firing the revolver.
If the dog is within 3 m from the handler after the recall (the dog does not need to be still) an extra recall command is allowed but with – 5 pt penalty).

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