Aleandra Ryan-Plasil


238   NQ
May 23, 2021  
Brighton, CO
Trial judged by Margaret McKenna
Trial hosted by Mile High Mondioring
Doctor Bees du Dantero
271   Q

February 22, 2020  
Oceanside, CA
Trial judged by Ann Putegnat
Trial hosted by SoCal Mondio
Doctor Bees du Dantero
249   Q

September 7, 2019  
Payson, UT
Trial judged by Jos Helsen
Trial hosted by Utah Protection Sports
Doctor Bees du Dantero
165.5   Q

April 13, 2019  
Chula Vista, CA
Trial judged by Emma Svensson
Trial hosted by USMRA
Doctor Bees du Dantero
183   Q

January 26, 2019  
Temecula, CA
Trial judged by Anne-Sophie Mullenders
Trial hosted by Marvel K9 Ringsport Club
Doctor Bees du Dantero
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