Pictures on the Website

Mondioring is an exciting and colorful sport and the pictures on the website should reflect that. Pictures come from members like you. Most are from the original site, others are more recent contributions. Some are re-purposed submissions for profiles and events, or taken from public event promotion sources and used to promote that same event on the site.

It is our intent that pictures on the site be only those used by permission. If you are the primary subject or producer of a photograph that you believe is used in error, email and request that the photograph will be removed. Be advised that at public USMRA events (like the National Championship) it is quite possible that you may be filmed/photographed.  Even so, we do not wish to prominently feature any individual against their wishes.

If you have photographs to share with the site for general use, your contribution will be greatly appreciated. To best promote the sport, trial and trial-like pictures (sans leash, collars, reward toys, bait bags, etc) are preferred. Breed variety is a plus! Pictures submitted for general use will be used without attribution, and may be cropped/re-sized. Upload images we can use on the form to the right.  The form will reset so that you can upload multiple images with individual comments.

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