Title Certificate

This certifies that

Belgian Shepherd Malinois

Go Pancho Villa 16130

owned by

Ann Putegnat

having completed the requirements, onJanuary 20, 2018,

has been officially awarded a


by The United States Mondioring Association

United States Mondioring Association

SCORESHEET | January 20, 2018 | Von Ormy, TX | Lone Star Mondioring Club

Go Pancho Villa 16130
Belgian Shepherd Malinois – Male
Born March 1, 2016
AKC DN47605001
AWDF Book #133048 USMRA Book #012218-01
Microchip 9810200158606990
Ann Putegnat
Member #4
Lone Star Mondioring Club

recall is by
(signature) David Kroyer
Judge January 20, 2018, Von Ormy, TX
(signature & contact info)
Trial Secretary January 20, 2018, Von Ormy, TX

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