Replace Jotform: Forms Only, not full integration

Trial Entry Form Club Trial Request Form Scorebook Application Dog ID Card Club Application/Renewal Form MR3 Club Application Apprentice Judge Application (maybe, get confirmation) Decoy Certification Request Form Request for Certificate of Insurance

Next To Do Lists Secretary

Decoys, Judges, and Clubs (club renewals, decoy and judge profiles, etc.) Dogs (books, dog ids, rabies, title certificates, etc.) Trials (requesting a trial, registering for a trial, trial records, etc.)

Secretary Can Easily Update Most Trial Info

Make basic changes (decoys, judge, open field time, add entry form, etc.) simple for the Secretary to edit. This should extend to pretty much everything (I think) except the date(s) of the trial.

Ongoing Membership Housekeeping

Here is the housekeeping I do regarding memberships.  This is basically information only, and you are free to read it or not. I don’t think there is anything particularly important in here for you to understand, but it’s here if you want it.  The only things truly relevant to you are in the “resources required”. …

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Membership Confirmation emails

I do not know what sort of welcome email people are sent from the Secretary, but there is no reason we can’t automate this.  Emails can be set differently for new members vs renewing/returning members.  I would need to be given whatever we want to send them.  It would be sent when they submit their …

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Member email Reports

Build a report that lists member emails to copy and paste into an email’s bcc line.  Make it sortable by all (possible) requested parameters. (The Secretary would ultimately like to be able to email members, based on parameters she selects, from the Website.  This has been made a “later” project)

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