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Dear USMRA Members,

After discussion by the USMRA Board of Directors, representatives from the National Championship and Judges Committees, and Mile High Mondioring, it was agreed that the 2020 National Championship event, originally scheduled for April 3-5 in Denver, CO, would need to be postponed due to the growing concerns and societal impacts surrounding COVID-19.

We feel this decision is the responsible one to make, and we value the health and well-being of our members, our friends, our families, and the local communities in which they reside. In addition, the cancellations from our local facilities, the impacts on local businesses, the formal requests to minimize travel and large gatherings, and the concerns of additional travel/event bans also create additional logistical obstacles outside our control.

While this is a disappointing development, we are committed to securing an alternative date for the championship to be held. We have put in months of heart and hard work to make this a world-class event, and we are determined to see it through.

We are doing our best to contact all our sponsors and supporters to keep them informed. And we are reaching out to all our vendors to discuss our options with rescheduling and/or contract negotiations.

We do not currently have a new date to communicate. Please understand that there are many unknowns right now with this ever-evolving situation, and we (and our local community/businesses) need to allow some time for things to stabilize.

We do not want to speculate on possible dates yet, but if it is possible, we will try to make something happen in June. If not, we will continue to work toward an alternative date later in the year.

As for logistical information: if you paid an entry fee (competitors) or purchased a Judges Dinner ticket, we will be working on refunding your money within the next week. And when the dates and venues are officially scheduled, we will have a new entry form posted and sell dinner tickets at that time.

For anyone who ordered merchandise to pick up at the event, we will reach out to you when it arrives to discuss delivery options.

Everything our club has acquired and built for this event will be packed up and securely stored until the rescheduled event dates. This includes any raffle items, some of which have been shared/posted already.

Thank you and we appreciate your understanding.

Mile High Mondioring

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