2015 World Cup: Congratulations US Team Members
This year’s FCI World Cup of Mondioring will be held in France, October 1-4. Here’s the official event website with more information.
Representing the USA at MR 1
Terrill Isbell with Petronas OT Vitosha (Vader)
Representing the USA at MR 2
Patty Phillips with I’Winston du Loups du Soleil (Winston)
Representing the USA at MR 3
Maya Conrad with Moonquest’s Zorro del Sol y Noche (Zorro)
Marie Skello with Fuel de Competitor (Fuel)
Shawn Reed with I’Repo du Loups du Soleil (Repo)
David Broderick with Idole du Loups du Soleil (Idole)
Al Vinjamur with Halycon de Loups du Soleil (Haly)
Paul Anthony with Finnegan des Ombres Valereaux (Finn)
Mondioring is an international sport. Read more about international competition here…