Upcoming: 2015 FMBB Mondio World Championship
The FMBB (Federation Mondiale du Berger Belge) is a world union of Belgian Shepherd breed clubs. For guidelines/how to represent the USA at this event please see the USMRA/AWMA team selection criteria. For more information about the upcoming (May 7th though May 10th) FMBB Mondio World Championship in Pisek, Czech Republic visit the event website.
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Mondioring is World Ring
Mondioring is an F.C.I.-authorized international protection sport developed in the late 1980s by representatives from every major country with a protection sport.

The “new” dogsport was designed to “level the playing ground” and allow competitors from any of the world’s disciplines to compete in a common dog sport. French Ring, Belgian Ring, IPO (SchH) and KNPV all were represented read more

Could YOUR dog play Mondioring?
Traditionally, Mondioring has been dominated by the Belgian Malinois and (to a lesser degree) the Dutch Shepherd Dog. Does this mean you need to have one of these breeds to play? Absolutely not! The list of breeds that have competed in the US also includes the American Bulldog, APBT, Bandog, Beauceron, Lakenois, Tervuren, Boxer, Cane Corso, Cocker Spaniel continue reading…