Statement of the Judge’s Role in Mondioring Competition

The judges job has many facets. The following is a summation of the role of judges in the sport of Mondioring.

First: The judge must set up a program that uses the environment that challenges competitors and entertains the spectators. The exercises must be set up to be safe, the judgement is simple and the dogs and handlers are never made to look like fools.

Second: The judge is responsible for the test and for the decoys. She/he must remember that a decoy in the suit is fully protected from the dog. The decoy must not use that to take advantage. The work of the decoy must always be fair to the dog and cause no harm. If the decoy will not adjust his work to the wishes of the judge, he may be set aside. If there is another certified decoy present, that decoy may stand in for the remainder of the trial.

Third: The judge is responsible for the enforcement of all rules and policies as they apply to decoys, competitors, dogs and equipment whenever they are present on the trial field.

The judge is the keeper of the QUALITY OF TRAINING, SPORTMANSHIP and FUN for Mondioring in America.

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