FCI World Championship 2021

October 6-10, 2021
Pecica, Romania

Representing the United States

Lisa Lucero &

Francois Massart &

Gina Gaetano &

Jan Elizabeth &

Cindy Hunt &

Mieux que Ezra MR2 alternate
Mackenzie Aeberli &
Ann Putegnat


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The Fédération Cynologique Internationale is an international federation of kennel clubs. The FCI Mondioring Commission is the governing body of the sport of Mondioring and organizes the yearly World Championship of Mondioring. The American Working Dog Federation is an applicant member of the FCI. USMRA is a member club of the AWDF.

Full and other member countries. Visit the FCI Mondioring site for up-to-date member listings and international business.

Mondio Ring is World Ring

Mondioring is an F.C.I.-authorized international protection sport developed in the late 1980s by representatives from every major country with a protection sport.

The “new” dogsport was designed to “level the playing ground” and allow competitors from any of the world’s disciplines to compete in a common dog sport. French Ring, Belgian Ring, IPO (SchH) and KNPV all were represented. The result is a dog sport that combines the best of all of these sports: Mondioring.

Mondioring has grown steadily in the United States since the first trial in 2000. There are several full-member clubs and a variety of other clubs forming around the country. Trials are held regularly, and provide an opportunity to earn titles in this fascinating sport.

Mondioring titles are recognized internationally. Each year, the organization in America, the USMRA, sends a team to compete in the International Championship of Mondioring in Europe. An interesting note is that international competition is quite “do-able,” as we are still a relatively small organization in a new sport.

Mondioring is represented in this country by the United States Mondioring Association. This organization is a member of the American Working Dog Federation (AWDF).