Trial Requirements:
  1. The Application must be submitted at least 60 days prior to the requested trial date.
  2. Clubs within 500 miles of one another may not have trials the same weekend.
Foriegn Judge Request: A foreign International FCI judge must have permission by that judge’s FCI National Organization to take foreign assignments. Requests must be made by our national organization, the AWDF. Before you submit your trial application, talk to the Judges Committee Chair about possible choices and once one is selected, the Judges Committee Chair will submit the AWDF application to secure approval.

Approval: The Secretary will approve the trial within one week within the stated guidelines. You may submit a trial-themed image to be used to advertise the trial on the USMRA website to Please ensure that you have the right to use the images or artwork that you submit.

Trial Changes: No changes to the Judge or Decoys may occur within 60 days of the trial date, unless due to illness, injury or work schedule which are out of the control of the hosting club.
Trial forms can be printed or they can be ordered from the USMRA Secretary. If printed, there must be three copies (handler, club, USMRA Secretary) so be sure to have carbon paper or a copier available.

Electronic Score Sheets
Evaluation of Working Aptitude Record Sheet
OB/OBJ Scoresheet
Brevet Scoresheet
MR1 Scoresheet
MR2 Scoresheet
MR3 Scoresheet
Trial Record Sheet
Sample Trial Record Sheet

Only active members of USMRA who request approval for their event can be covered by our Medical Blanket Policy. We have a $75 administrative fee for the process of sanctioning and supervising your venue. Please understand that this fee ($75) is not payment for any insurance or coverage, USMRA does not SELL or receive any monies in exchange for insurance coverage.

Form to Request Certificate

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