United States Mondio Ring Association

Mondioring is represented in this country by the United States MondioRing Association. This organization is a member of the American Working Dog Federation (AWDF). USMRA is a non-profit organization whose purpose is: (from the bylaws)

1. To promote, organize, and administer the international working dog sport known as mondioring, in the United States of America, under procedures and standards based on Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI) rules and regulations;

2. To promote sportsmanlike conduct and fair and humane training at all dog sport activities;

3. To work in a friendly and cooperative manner with other dog sport enthusiasts and with other national and international organizations to promote and preserve working dog activities;

4. To provide opportunities for members of USMRA to achieve training and trialing goals in mondioring;

5. To develop programs and activities to educate the public about mondioring and the working dog sports in general;

6. To field a USMRA team at international mondioring events.

USMRA Members are entitled to

  • Voting privileges
  • Purchase Scorebook
  • Compete in any USMRA Trial
  • Attend USMRA Events & Seminars
  • Apply for USMRA International Team
Membership is for calendar year.
Annual Renewal due each January 1st.
Individual membership dues:
$60 New member
$60 Returning member renewing by January 1st
$75 Returning member renewing by January 31st
$100 Returning member renewing after January 31st
The Fédération Cynologique Internationale is an international federation of kennel clubs.
The FCI Mondioring Commission is the sport’s governing body and organizes the yearly World Championship.
The American Working Dog Federation is an applicant member of the FCI. USMRA is a member club of the AWDF. Tommy Verschueren is USMRA's delegate to the AWDF.
Mondioring is represented in this country by the United States Mondioring Association.
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