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Harris, MN
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Experience Sport and Organization — updated Feb 1, 2018
excess of 30X level 3, with 6 different dogs, 3 different breeds

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Placed at World Championships (3rd Spain 2013)
Shown at FMBB 2X (4th and 6th place),
USA National Champion 4X with (3) different dogs at MR3
USA Vice Champion National Championships MR3 1X
26X MR3 — over a third of my showings have been at Championships and over half have been from International judges.
Past President USMRA 2X, current USMRA Judge

Shown at National level, and placed at regional level
2X Schutzhund 3 with 1 Malinois and 1 German shepherd
Showing Maximus — H’Maximus des Soldats de Krist Ale in IPO3 summer of 2018 (Maximus is FR3/MR3/IPO2)

French ring
5X FR3 with 4 different dogs all of which are also titled MR3
Showing Janis — J’Joplin du Domaine des Esclaireurs in FR2 (Janis is MR1/FR1)
Apprentice NARA Judging program

Maximus CDX, TD showing in Utility and training for his Tracking dog Excellent (TDX).
Janis AX,OAJ is also running in Excellent/Masters in AKC agility.

All of the dogs I show and train are from a puppy. It is my passion to make the dog what it can be. As a judge of Mondioring (and soon French ring), I look forward to helping the competitors of ringsports grow from my experiences as a trainer and competitor.

Mentors — Alex Vyatkin (Protection work), Michael Ellis (Ringsports), Fernando Dosta (Ringsports), Michelle Schwartzbauer (Agility)

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