Active USMRA Clubs

5280 Ringsport
Sedalia, CO

Big Apple Mondioring
West Park, NY

Evergreen Mondioring
Seattle, WA

Evolution Working Dog Club
St Peters, MO

Fair Play Mondio
Columbus, OH

Fearless Ring Sport
Franklinville, NJ

Genesis Mondioring
Redding, CT

Motley Crew Mondio Club
West St Paul, MN

Oceanside Mondioring Club
Oceanside, CA

RedDirt Ringers
Norman, OK

Rocky Top Dog Sports
Inola, OK

Spirit of Competition
Santa Rosa, CA

St Louis Working Dog Club
Wentzville, MO

Synergy Ringsport Club
Bay Area, CA

TART Working Dog Club
Melissa, TX

Texas K9
Blossom, TX

West Penn Mondioring Club
Hadley, PA

Wild West Mondioring
Stanley, NM


Midwest Ringsport Club

Midwest Ringsport Club
Upcoming Trials

none scheduled

Trial History

  • July 12, 2009
  • July 11, 2009
  • April 27, 2008
  • September 22, 2007
  • June 18, 2007
  • June 17, 2007
  • October 22, 2006
  • October 21, 2006
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