Country: Active

Jeremiah Pullinger

Jeremiah has been involved in Mondioring since June 2017 and is affiliated with West Penn Mondioring Club. He received his lvl 1 Decoy Certification in May 2019. He also handles his Belgian Malinois, Fedor, who has the first leg of his MR1 as of May 2019.

Desi Michael

Level 2 French Ring / Level 3 decoy with over 25 trials of experience. I enjoy being a part of the competition and helping. I like to challenge the dogs within the levels and consistently test the training of teams from around the country.

Allison Seghetti

Allison is the first female certified mondioring decoy in the United States under the current USMRA certification program. She is the only woman to decoy in a mondioring trial in the United States to date. She is a full time attorney, competitive Crossfit athlete and mondioring competitor and decoy.