Level 3

Desi Michael

Level 2 French Ring / Level 3 decoy with over 25 trials of experience. I enjoy being a part of the competition and helping. I like to challenge the dogs within the levels and consistently test the training of teams from around the country.

Jake Scott

I am a trainer, handler, and decoy for the sport of Mondioring. I currently compete with two Belgian Malinois, Tye & Pajr in levels 3 and 2 respectively as a member of West Penn Mondioring Club. I have been a USMRA Certified decoy since October 29, 2017 completing my levels 1, 2, and 3 certifications. …

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Jimmy Vanhove

Jimmy grew up in a family that was always training and loving dogs. Jimmy has been a French Ring level 3 decoy (the highest level) for 5+ years (2 Super Selections) Jimmy started pet obedience training at 12 years old for his father’s clients. He started working dogs in bitework at the age of 16 …

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Francois Massart

Francois-Xavier Massart represented USA – USMRA at the FCI Mondio Ring World Championships in Russia (2019). He is the first USMRA decoy to place in the top 3 at the International Decoy Selection, and the first USA decoy to decoy a Mondio Ring World Championships next year in Poland (2019). Francois is a third generation …

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