Jake Faas

Minneapolis, MN
Contact Jake:
(651) 214-1363

I have been around dogs most my life and it has become more than a passion of mine. I currently train pet dogs full time and work with a couple ring clubs in the Minneapolis – St. Paul area. I also compete in Mondioring with my Belgian Malinois, Theron.

I was introduced to decoying in 2013, which didn’t take for me to be hooked. I became level 1 certified decoy in August 20th 2015 and then certified at level 2 April 15th 2018 at Mayfield, Ohio Nationals. I have decoyed trials for Rogue Ringsport, Fair Play Mondio, Santa Clarita, West Penn Ringers, Utah Protection Sports, and Motley Crew.

Mondioring is an amazing sport that shows the relationship that we can have with a dog and how we can help them reach their full potential. Nothing is better than seeing that hard work pay off!

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