USMRA Elections

The voting has concluded.  The incoming Board Members will join President Maureen Haggerty, Secretary Mahogany Gamble, and Director at Large Ann Putegnat to make up the 2023 USMRA Board of Directors.

Congratulations incoming Vice President

Nominated by Anneliese Johnson/Genesis Mondioring Club & Amy Pittman/Oceanside Mondioring Club


Acceptance and Qualifications:



I, Zack Kiser, am writing to accept nomination for the upcoming Mondioring elections.

Thank You,

Zack Kiser



My name is Zack Kiser, and I am running for Vice President of the USMRA organization. I believe that I am a good candidate for this position primarily due to my long term dedication to the sport of Mondioring in America. I have been a committed member for over a decade. I have competed at every level of the sport (levels 1,2 and 3, National and World championships, Trial Decoy). I have also directed a club of committed Mondio Ringers for the better part of the last decade, who have achieved multiple level 3 titles and shown their dogs at multiple National Championships. This long term exposure to the sport at every level has given me a good understanding of the community’s wants, needs and desires in improving the sport over years to come. Please feel free to reach out to me personally if you have any questions or concerns about my qualifications or intent on fulfilling the duties of this position.

Thank you for your time and consideration

Zack Kiser

Congratulations incoming Treasurer

Nominated by Lynn Bain/Fire Pines Ring Club


Acceptance and Qualifications:


Linda Black


To USMRA Membership;

I am writing to accept the nomination for Treasurer of USMRA from Fire Pines Ring Club. I have been involved in dog sports for over 20 years, starting in Agility with my German Shepherds and most recently Mondioring with my Malinois, Teagan.


I have been training in Mondioring for 5 years and a member of USMRA for 3 years. I have put OBJ1, Brevet as well as MR1 titles on Teagan, and we had our first Nationals showing this past year at a Level 1. I am planning on attempting our Level 2 titles later this fall. I taught a couple of Mondioring Obedience Only workshops in 2019 to advance the sport to newbies. I traveled to spectate and support Nationals in 2021 in Colorado, and plan to either compete or spectate next year in California.


I have been a member in good standing with Fire Pines Ring Club since its inception, and have also collaborated with other local clubs to help with trials and training. Most recently, I was involved in starting up Texas Area Ring Team Mondioring club (fondly known as TART) with other Texas locals.


My day job is working in corporate America, specifically as a Sr Finance Manager for Keurig Dr Pepper in Frisco Texas. I have been in Finance for the past 12 years, and before that was in Accounting for 18+ years. So I have some experience with numbers, and I can make excel do just about anything I want. I routinely head projects coordinating multiple departments and different personalities to meet hard deadlines and goals.


I hope you will see that I am vested in the sport of Mondioring, its growth and success, and I do have a way with numbers to be your next treasurer.

Warm regards,

Linda Black

Congratulations incoming Directors at Large

Independent, self nominated


Acceptance and Qualifications:

I, Tommy Verschueren accept the nomination for a position as director.


I started training dogs in a Mondioring club in Belgium in 2010. I have been active in and around this sport since then.


Achievements as a decoy:

Fci world’s 2015 lvl 1, 2 and 3.

Fmbb world’s 2015 lvl 3.

National championship Belgium 2014, 2015 and 2019.

National championship USA 2016, 2021.

Trial decoy since 2013, decoyed in total over 75 trials.

3 super selections. 3th place, 4th place and 7th place


Achievements as a dog handler:


2nd selected for Belgium in lvl 1 (2017)

5th place Belgium nationals lvl 1 (2017)

1st place lvl 2 USMRA national championship 2018 Ohio.

Lvl3 passing score.



Lvl1 passing score (both legs)

Nominated by Gail Marit/Heartland Working Dog Club


Qualifications and Acceptance:

USMRA Elections Committee,


I, Shaina Zimmerman, accept the nomination for the USMRA Director at Large position.

Shaina Zimmerman


USMRA Member since 2016

Member of Heartland Working Dog Club

Past National Committee Member

Host Club Member of 2021 USMRA National Championship, Denver

Versailles von zur Bindenburg CD RN APR1

Atom de Jardin BH RN RNX 4x MR3 FR2

Flinke Idole des Loups du Lac MR1

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