USMRA Elections

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Candidates for the position of Vice President

Greetings USMRA,

The purpose of this letter is to accept the nomination by Maureen Haggerty of Motley Crew Mondioring Club for the position of Vice President.

The following is a summary of my previous professional, club, and committee experience:

  • 2008 Board Member TEAR Foundation
  • 2009 Lead Developer of Las Vegas Animal Blood Bank
  • 2010-2013 Vice President of Las Vegas dockdogs
  • 2013-Present Chair for dockdogs Rules Committee
  • 2014 Opened dog training company in Kansas City
  • 2015 Opened dog sports and rehab facility
  • 2016 Director of MoKan dockdogs
  • 2018 Secretary of MoKan dockdogs
  • 2018 opened dog daycare and boarding facility
  • 2018 Academy of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Technicians Testing Committee
  • 2019-Present President of Kansas City Dog Training Club
  • 2020 President of MoKan dockdogs
  • 2020 Chair USMRA Nationals Committee
  • 2020 Member of Motley Crew Mondioring

Since joining the USMRA in 2018 I have attended seminars, volunteered on and off the field at trials, volunteered at Nationals, helped grow support for Team USA, and traveled to two World Championships. I anticipate that within the next 6 months I will have enough of a following in Kansas City to start a club. I have retired my first Mondio dog after he earned his title and am currently developing a puppy in hopes of representing at the World Championship.

If elected as Vice President for the USMRA, I would like to focus my efforts to help the USMRA expand and thrive as a respectable protection dog sport in the USA. I would like to build programs to help new handlers become more familiar with Mondioring and build an easy to follow plan of action for members who wish to start a new club. I promise to work hard and provide my very best efforts to help us succeed.

Thank you for your consideration,

Brianne Durham

The RedDirt Ringers would like to nominate its President and Training Director, Brad Hardin, to serve as Vice-President of the United States Mondio Ring Association.

Brad has been involved with competitive dog sports and hunting dogs for over 20 years. Since 2005, Brad has been heavily involved in protection-based competitive dog sports, including Mondio Ring, PSA, IPO, NWDA, and Iron Dog competitions. Brad became a certified Mondio Ring trial decoy in 2007 and a certified PSA trial decoy in 2008. In 2009, Brad decoyed the Mondio Ring National Championship. More recently, Brad competed at the USMRA National Championship in 2019, placing 2nd at Level 1 with Lanzo (GSD), and placing 3rd at Level 2 with Kitty (Malinois). Brad and Lanzo also competed as part of Team USA in Nedza, Poland, at the 2019 World Championship. Brad has worked as the training director and/or head decoy for three different Mondio Ring competitive dog sport clubs in both Colorado and Oklahoma, including the RedDirt Ringers since 2013.

Brad owns and operates Southern Warrior K9, LLC, along with Jessica Johnson, since 2018. Brad has been working professionally as a dog trainer for over ten years, traveling the country to work with various organizations and sport clubs. Beyond his work with pet owners and in the sport world, Brad has worked with numerous police departments and high-end vendors who supply working dogs to both police and military organizations. Brad’s experience includes preparing police K9 teams for professional (CLEET) certification, and training dogs and handlers in narcotics detection, tracking, apprehension, and officer protection.

I, Brad Hardin, have the leadership skills necessary to serve USMRA well, and am trustworthy, honest, and fair. My goal as vice-president would be to advance the sport in the United States and to promote club growth. I would also like to work with the FCI to extend the variance or find a comparable solution to allow non-FCI registered dogs to compete in the sport. I thank you for your consideration.

Candidates for the position of Treasurer

I accept the nomination for the position of Treasurer of the USMRA.


          BA: Mathematics and Computer Science
          Fellow in the Society of Actuaries

Actuary in Insurance Career: 1987-2002
          1st Actuarial position: Corporate Tax planning
          2nd Actuarial position: Financial product development
          3rd Actuarial position: Vice president and development and sales of tax advantaged products

Real Estate Investing 2002-Present

Dog Training, Business Development, Management: The Canine Coach
          Opened business in 2004
          Expanded to 5 locations, 40 employees, over $2 million rev/year business

USMRA Experience:
          Member since 2009
          Titled 3 dogs to MR3
          Trialed in 32 USMRA Trials
          President of Motley Crew Mondio
          Treasurer, USMRA since January 1, 2020

Candidates for the position(s) of Director at Large

I, Gene Baillif, accept the nomination to the USMRA position of Director at Large as given by Marvel K9 Ringsport. I am deeply honored to know that my fellow club members felt me worthy of such an important responsibility.

I am a member in good standing of both Marvel K9 Ringsport and the USMRA.


I have been a member of the USMRA, in good standing, since 2014. I have trained and trialed a dog from Category 1 through Category 3 and have been an active participant in numerous club trials, as a player as well as jury and field help. I have also been a training decoy for many other dogs that have trialed at levels 1-3.

My dog Crank and I were an active participant in the 2019 USMRA National Championship, winning Category 3 and earning an automatic invitation to represent the United States at the FCI World Championship in Category 3. Crank and I represented the US Team at the FCI Championship in Nedza, Poland the same year, earning 10th place.

As a professional dog trainer with several years of training decoy experience I have a strong understanding of the sport. If chosen as a Director, I am eager to participate on the USMRA Board and will do the work necessary. I already have some ideas of projects I would like to help with. I want to ensure a fair and equitable path to international competition that is in line with the spirit of the sport. I want to help ensure the US Team is supported and that the USMRA board is a help to each competitor on the team.

Thank you,

Gene Baillif

I am submitting to be considered for one of the outstanding board of directors’ positions. I am currently certified as a USMRA decoy and have been involved with the sport for over 4 years. I am young in my journey within the sport but have a passion to grow and evolve the USMRA in the US. Additionally, I accepted a position to serve on the Board of Inquiry.

I currently am trialing my GDS in OBJ and working towards achieving our MR1 this fall. I have a young Belgian Malinois that I am also training for the sport. Since joining the USMRA, I have traveled and learned from many passionate and skilled decoys, trainers, judges, and handlers. I have goals to compete at the National level and aspire to compete Internationally someday as well.

By serving on the Board, I would bring new perspective, ideas, and help work to help the sport grow further throughout the U.S.

Best Regards,

Patrick Bell

Greetings USMRA,

The intentions of my note here is to accept Big Apple Mondioring Club’s nomination for Director at Large.

Since joining the USMRA in 2016, I have participated in trials at seven different Mondioring clubs, have started a training group in an area that previously didn’t have any Mondioring presence, and regularly travel the country for Mondioring seminars, competing in trials, helping grow the sport by giving Mondio workshops in different areas, and volunteering for other clubs with Dog in White and additional assistance on and off the trial field.

My qualifications are listed below.

          Studied Zoology at Kent State University
          Completed Triple Crown Academy, 2011
          Completed full program at The Michael Ellis School for Dog Trainers, 2015

Business Owner, Training Director 2018-Present: The Art of Dogs, LLC

USMRA Experience
          Member since 2016
          Titled one dog to MR3
          Formerly on USMRA Nationals Committee
          Have competed with three of my own dogs in USMRA

I look forward to volunteering my time and energy for the betterment of USMRA!

Thank you for your consideration,

Anneliese Johnson

Dear Fellow USMRA Members,

My name is Lianne Shinton and I’ve been training and competing in Mondioring for the past 5 years. You may know me better as “Flirty’s Mama”.

I have run my own dog training businesses for 24 years. Prior to Mondioring, I have competed in numerous other dog sports including, dock diving, AKC Obedience, Flyball and Hunt Trials.

Mondioring Experience:
          2020 Flirt and I earned our MR3 Title
          2019 Team USA Member, MR2, Nedza, Poland, 12th Place
          2019 USMRA National Championship MR2, Vice-Champion
          2018 Team USA Member, MR1, Moscow, Russia, 4th Place
          2018 USMRA MR1, National Champion
          USMRA International Committee Chair
          Proud Member of Marvel K9 Ringsport

My passion is bringing competitors together to learn, share and connect.

The concept of community is the reason I started focusing a lot of energy onto Team USA. My passion led me to develop a website and following for Team USA Mondioring Before our trip to Nedza, Poland I was able to bring all of the Team USA members together and we were able to raise over $10,000 for the team. Together, we created an incredible video program. I organized an online fundraising auction and also had sponsors donate uniforms.

I can’t say enough about the respect, support and friendships that developed during my 2 years of being on Team USA. I am so appreciative of my Team USA members and grateful for their help and support of each other.

This past year, David Broderick (President) asked me to Chair the International Committee, which I of course accepted. I appreciate this nomination and would be honored to serve the USMRA in any capacity.

Kind Regards,

Lianne Shinton

Since joining USMRA in 2016, I have had the opportunity to travel the country and meet some of the most passionate dog handlers, trainers, decoys, and judges that exist in this organization. I crossed over from a non-competitive background in IPO with my first working dog (a German Shepherd) and am currently competing in mondioring with my first Belgian Malinois, with a second up and coming dog in training. I have aspirations to compete both nationally and internationally and was selected to attend FMBB 2020 at Level 1… unfortunately, that dream was shot down due to Covid. Since then, we achieved our MR2, and plan on trialing at MR3 in 2021. I have also been a competitor in AKC and ASCA Rally Obedience, and AKC Obedience. I hold membership in two local clubs (Mile High Mondioring and Integrite Working Dog Club). I believe my active participation in USMRA trials, as well as my history trialing in other venues, would bring well-rounded perspective to the BOD as a Director at Large.

Shaina Zimmerman

USMRA #722