Trial Host


Trial Judge

Valeer Linclau


Gray Summit, MO

Entry period will close on March 17th, 2024.

Dogs need one passing score at the level you wish to enter. In the event of a higher number of entries than the number of dogs that can be judged per level, dogs will be ordered and selected according to the Selection Criteria written here . Entry fees will be refunded to those that may not be selected to compete.

A designated outdoor space will be available at Purina Farms on Friday, May 17, to practice, based on advanced sign up.

** Levels 1&2 register for May 18th **  Level 3 register for May 19th

Contact Maureen Kay Haggerty:
(651) 470-5386
Open field will be on a separate practice area available at Purina Farms. This will not be the trial field. Limited equipment will be available.

Trial Decoys

Cedric Gottfreund
Zack Kiser
Joey Morris
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